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The Catherine Cosmetic is digital cosmetic dental consultation and design service that provides patients with the ability to get custom cosmetic dental advice, digital designs, and even the ability to try-in prospective treatment options before ever visiting a dental office. After working with you to find out exactly what you want, we design it for you, you approve it digitally, you try it in, and then we then pair you with the dental provider(s) that best suits your desired outcome.

Catherine Cosmetic acts as a third party patient to doctor communicator who manages treatment and consolidates visits, so we are able to provide a collaborative approach to cosmetic dental care, while eliminating the need to travel for multiple visits.

We have noticed the desire for at-home or on-the-go procedures, but we know that the current at-home market doesn’t offer all of the cosmetic options. We also realize that the current in-office model isn’t all that convenient and there are many barriers that prevent people from going into the dental office. 

Created by a top cosmetic dentist, former Miss USA contestant, and self-proclaimed girlie-girl, The Catherine Cosmetic is made for the person who values having the very best cosmetic dental treatment but also values the convenience of a virtual at-home /on-the-go model. Here’s how it works:

Our Process

Step I – Initiation

Step I – Initiation

Tell us what you want, take selfies and impressions with your Initiation Box, and send in to us.

We scan and digitize your impressions, so we can have a virtual consultation with you to discuss your cosmetic treatment options using your photos and scans as if you were in the office with us.

Step II- Membership

Step II- Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the membership option that best suits you, we create a customized digital design on your digital models specifically for you and have it digitally rendered on your models of your actual teeth.

After we virtually perform the procedures on your digital models, we 3D print them out, so you can try it on your design with our Smile Make-Up  or Mach-Up. 

Step III- Join

Step III- Transformation

Once you have decided on the option that works best for you, we join you to #getasmile with the dental and/or cosmetic providers to #giveasmile to you.

We then forward your digital design to your providers, so you can have the exact result that you already tried in and are expecting.  This way you can be rest assured that you get the outcome you desire.

To see more details about our process, click the link below to visit our blog: 

Your outcome

Beautiful Before

Beautiful Before

AfterSmile Make-Up

AfterSmile Make-Up

After Joining

After Joining

The great thing about this method is that it allows you to see your actual outcome before you begin, which takes much of the anxiety out of seeing a dentist, worrying if you will like the outcome.

To see how Catherine Cosmetic Make-Up is applied, click the link below to visit our blog. 

Getting Started

This is how we gather all the necessary information for your smile design.


Your initiation box includes:

I. One Selfie Light
II. One Un-Selfie Light
III. Impression trays
IV. Complimentary Return Shipping
V. Initiation Guide
VI. 3D Digital Model of your teeth
VII. Complimentary Custom Consultation

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