This is where anything and everything cosmetic in dentistry starts. With this kit plus your phone or camera, you can collect all of the data needed to consult with all of the best specialists in dentistry and esthetics without boarding any flights around the world or coming into a dental office.

You can also have your dream smile digitally designed and 3D printed, so you will be able to digitally plan ANY dental procedure: InvisAlign, CosmetAlign, traditional braces, porcelain veneers, composite veneers, gingival augmentation, to name a few. (Note: additional fees apply to designs and 3D printing).

AND when it’s 3D printed, you will be able to try the design on, so that you can see what your proposed treatment would look like before you do anything to your teeth. 

If you’re interested in any cosmetic treatment, this is where it begins. 

Your initiation box includes:

I. One Selfie Light
II. One Un-Selfie Light (to share with a friend)
III. Impression trays X4
IV. Heavy body putty x4
V. Light body syringe x2
VI. Initiation Guide
VII. Complimentary Teledentistry Consultation with Dr. Catherine Muldoon 

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